Design Your Recovery

September 1, 2019

The healing process involves a lot of steps. Making calls, setting appointments, getting help. You can probably remember yourself at that point or can think of a friend or loved one facing it now. Next, there is finding out what is the problem (and what caused it), and what you need to change to get better.

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Mr. Rogers’ Neighbor – The Chiropractor

August 1, 2019

Growing up, most adults today took many a tip from the most peaceful man in show business, Mr. Fred Rogers. Mr. Rogers was famous for his kind and gentle mannerisms, his soft voice, and even more so his mild-mannered attire. What better person to be the Maitre d’ of story time for young ones for generations – 31 years of television, to be precise.

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What to Expect When You Weren’t Expecting

July 1, 2019

Pregnancy is a very real physical change and demand. Not to mention the many aspects of delivery. “I’ve heard chiropractic care can help me be more active through my pregnancy,” is a common call on the office line. “And feel less miserable.” (If they are being honest).

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Slow Down And Recover

June 1, 2019

Taking a very close look at the body, will reveal a constant habit that is wise to emulate in your life. That habit is the constant rejuvenation and repair that occurs inside of your body at nearly all times. In today’s ‘more is better, faster is greater’ society, so many of us live at a frantic pace that makes time for real restoration hard to come by.

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Big Money Or Big Problems

May 1, 2019

We hold tremendously beneficial wisdom inside every one of us. When we stop a moment to recognize it, it can shift our perspective in powerful ways. Inside of our body, as well as in life, most of our most precious and valued possessions are fragile. An obvious example is when our children are first born, the newborn baby is both adored by all and extremely vulnerable.

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Welcome To iWorld

April 1, 2019

There is a tremendous amount of wisdom that we have inside of ourselves that we can benefit from if we take a moment to stop and recognize it. Chiropractors, working with the body instead of trying to “treat” it, are naturally good at recognizing this wisdom lurking within us.

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Balance Is The Key

March 1, 2019

Life is a balancing act. Chiropractors recognize that there is a balancing act between different forces on us both from outside and inside of our bodies. A fascinating aspect of our bodies is that there are forces that build our body up and forces that break us down.

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Hypo and Hyper Movement

February 1, 2019

Chiropractors have a unique skill in the world of health care. Unique in that it is not found in any other area of health care or practitioner.

Practitioners of all sorts may assess movement, strength, and pain, but there is one thing they do not do. Outside of chiropractors, that is.

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Crunches Never Again

January 1, 2019

Life is about our daily habits that make us who we are. The other aspect to regular habits is they also create the opportunity for dynamic breakthroughs. The wisdom of our bodies responds very strongly to our regular, daily habits. Think of any time when you had a regular routine – either filled with good habits or bad. The daily workout of a bodybuilder or the 16 hour computer routine of a professional game player will show the results of consistent patterns of behavior over time, the longer we do them. Just like our lives can end up being defined by what we do with regularity, for both good and bad, the same goes for the body.

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Call Your Mom

December 1, 2018

Everything we experience in life is experienced through our brain and nervous system. It is strange when we stop to think about it, but we don’t see reality exactly how it is, we see how it impacts our bodies. And that impact becomes known to us by our nervous system. At a fundamental level, we see a representation of the world around us through how it is absorbed and processed by our bodies, and the part of our body that does that is our brain.

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